7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum

7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum

October 17, 2014
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On October 15th -16th, 2014, E.E.L Events Ltd, Intelligent Investment in Emerging Markets organized the 7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum with FIAA as a Media Partner of the event and with Mr. Gunther Fehlinger as a Moderating Chairman.

Energy Forum Pic 1The event attracted over 100 participants from over 15 countries and provided an informative and informal environment for networking and debate. The event also provided unique opportunities for industry key players to tackle main issues facing the regional energy security, investigating solutions through stronger regional operation. 

Focus of the Forum was the current energy market crisis and the fact that despite Albania has attracted many of the largest international companies and a lot of local

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capital into the sector, the energy market is still badly regulated thus, threatening to take the whole public finances even deeper into the red figures and every year the public has to subsidize the lack of energy and to lower price of energy. Additionally the new government seems to contemplate changing the feed in tariffs in retrospective manner and this is alarming for both, the international and the Albanian energy community.

Following the Forum Agenda, Day 1 of the highly anticipated conference, endorsed the financial challenges and development opportunities for the current Gas & Oil and Electricity sectors in Albania and the neighboring countries. Whereas, Day 2 provided feature presentations on risks and opportunities for renewable energy investors and the importance of the legal predictability in renewable energy investments in Southeast Europe

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Nevertheless, the 7th Balkan Energy and Finance Forum was a major show case of the large number of energy investors

which Albania has been able to attract in oil with Shell /Petromanas, in gas with TAP and its great group of major shareholders and with the HPP sector with Statkraft, EVN and VERBUND in the lead, and many from Turkey, Italy and now increasingly from Albania itself in the lead. A lot of happening and with just a bit of reason in regulation, Albania could serve as the energy provider of the region