March 7, 2018
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Foreign Investor Association in Albania announces the outcome of the Assembly Meeting of its Members, during which three new Board members were elected representing the main foreign companies in the country such as STATKRAFT, SHELL and ANTEA Cement. The Assembly voted also for the election of  the FIAA new Chairman, Mr. Tom Kristian Larsen, who is the Chief Executive Officer of STATKRAFT in Albania.

‘FIAA is the most reputable institution representing the business community in Albania, it has a high standing among business, government institutions and foreign missions and is working effortlessly in its mission to improve business climate in the country. Statkraft is a leader in business conduct, anti-corruption policies and integrity values and has practical, hands-on experience in its implementation. Having the honour of being elected as the President of FIAA for the next mandate, I will work towards spreading the message of integrity and proper business conduct in FIAA, among its members and the broader business community. Albania has a great potential to attract foreign investments, but it has to fight corruption and strengthen its reputation and quality of its institutions to make it happen. I look forward to represent FIAA on this journey’. – stated Tom Kristian Larsen.

Foreign Investors Association in Albania with a presence of 18 years, has been and continues to be an important partner in the development and economic integration of the country. The Association has consolidated a sustainable co-operation with local and international authorities in the country, positioning itself part of the various consulting structures focusing on the business climate in the country and absorbing new investments.

Statkraft is a state-owned Norwegian company and is present in Albania since 2008 with its investment, Devoll Hydropower, which represents one of the country’s largest foreign investment in the renewable energy industry.Mr. Larsen is a professional with international experience in Europe and Asia, in important sectors such as telecommunications and renewable energy in global companies such as Telenor, Statoil and Statkraft.