FIAA’s HR Committee organizes a Breakfast Meeting with Government’s representatives

FIAA’s HR Committee organizes a Breakfast Meeting with Government’s representatives

February 17, 2023
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Today, the representatives of the FIAA established HR Committee, chaired by Mrs. Odeta Melo and the FIAA Executive Director Mrs. Marinela Jazoj  organized a discussion meeting with the Minister of State for Children and Youth Ms. Bora Muzhaqi, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Albana Tole and Director for Higher Education Policies and Scientific Research Mrs. Ermelinda Durmishi. This meeting is a result of the HR Committee’s Agenda having as key focus the establishment of a joint Working Group with the Government Representatives and altogether identify gaps and set priorities, which would support the Labor Force Development and Retention in Albania.

The present Members of FIAA shared with the Government Officials their different challenges and concerns coming from a diversity of industries in the country and proposed different approaches which would help to develop policies and programs in support of youngsters and available labor force in Albania.

Among the key proposals addressed and agreed to be considered for follow up in today’s meeting are:

✅ Student Orientation and Career Counselling  (which is strongly recommended to come from business)
✅ Promotion and awareness of specific Programs coming from Business through Promotional Videos starting from elementary levels
✅ Connecting Labor Market with Universities
✅ Creating Curricula and Programs based on the Market demand
✅ Universities’ profiling based on Market demand with Recommendations for improvement and programs ‘enrichment
✅ Policies to incentivize Youngsters to stay in Albania by identifying the labor market needs

✅ Build a Road Map and action plan for the Working Group in support of the causa

Furthermore, Minister Bora Muzhaqi presented the recent Initiative of the Government in support of the Young generation to develop digital skills for the digital age and even more important digital transformation technology skills which, is a good opportunity to cooperate with Business and prepare youngsters with specialized skills to meet the market demand in various areas.

This cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of State for Children and Youth will be concretized further with an action plan and a joint Working Group with Professionals from both sides.

Thank you for your commitment!

Odeta Melo, Pranvera Papamihali, Olta Nora, Albana Shkurta, Arbana Lesaj, Esmeralda Novaku, Irida Vejsiu, Mirela Gjergji, Valbona Zeneli, Rigela Gegprifti, Marinela Jazoj

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