Foreign Business Community and Government of Albania

Foreign Business Community and Government of Albania

November 8, 2017
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“Moving Forward”

Ministers state: Sustainable Investments for Sustainable Development!

FIAA organized an event whereby Albanian Ministers of Infrastructure and Energy Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Mrs. Sonila Qato and Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Niko Peleshi presented their sectoral plans at the presence of the foreign business community in Albania and confirmed government’s full commitment to move forward with the improvement of business climate.

In his opening remarks, FIAA’s Chairman, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi highlighted that Albania should keep up with reforms for a friendly business environment, in particular for the existing foreign investments. “We are willing to commit on our behalf, but this requires a friendlier business environment. We are aware, it is in the Government’ priorities to improve the business climate, but there is need to move forward and speed up with the related reforms. We are the best ambassadors to promote Albanian investments!”- stated Mr. Pedrazzi.

During his word, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Mr. Gjiknuri highlighted the importance of foreign investments in Albania and the need for sustainable development. The Minister emphasized the importance on foreign investments in Albania, but stressed that the absorption of new investments starts with the treatment of those investors that are currently in the country.

“The Government should play its role through institutional support, by providing incentives in the event of conflicts, or when things are up to Government to solve them on time with the ultimate aim of having a proper investment climate. Albania has great potentials for investments in many areas. Energy is not the only field, although it has been the mainstay of the country’s economy with a large share of foreign investments. I am confident that even in the field of transport in frame of public private partnership for infrastructure including roads, water system or urban waste treatment, Albania has plenty of opportunities and potentials to attract more investments”- stated Minister Gjiknuri.

From the other side, Minister for Entrepreneurship Mrs. Qato presented the role of the Newly created Institution having in focus the protection of Business interests in Albania. The Minister further highlighted that “The Government is planning fiscal incentives to attract new foreign investments. We are focused on improving the situation and building a favorable business climate, undertaking concrete measures, such as: the deregulatory reform and the structural reform of institutions which do directly operate with entrepreneurship”.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Peleshi emphasized that the Government should continue reforms to build a sustainable investment climate and in particular his institution commits to support and assist all potential investors in agriculture, considering this sector as highly vital and promising for Albania.

“We will convert weaknesses of the agricultural sector into advantages. It is our challenge to draw the attention of foreign and domestic investors into agriculture. This is the indicator of our performance. Supporting the entire value chain of agricultural production for the best performing products, economic support and facilitation of the ministry’s procedures and subordinate agencies are at our focus to bring serious investments to this sector”.

The event was hosted by FIAA Members ALBtelecom sh.a, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, Vodafone Albania, Statkraft, and Kalo & Associates.