Government of Albania introduced second stage of the fight against informality

Government of Albania introduced second stage of the fight against informality

April 6, 2016
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Comments Closed is the email address launched for an efficient and direct communication with the business, for reporting cases of violations, but also for asking questions, clarifications, issues, information etc.

At the beginning of April the Government of Albania introduced the continuity of the intensive operation against informality by entering the second stage, which is based on a new approach aimed at redefining the role of the tax administration through a new strategy lying on four pillars:

  • Management, focusing on the risk platform
  • Simplification of procedures and the fiscal package
  • Service to taxpayers
  • Communication / education of taxpayers

The risk platform has provided the fiscal administration with smart instruments of analysis and control by the offices, in addition to minimizing the number of fiscal visits and physical checks on the ground. Through an online communication system, businesses will be notified if violations or deviations are identified, and will be given sufficient time to return to normal. Inspectors will perform checks and pay visits on the ground only if the system will signal high-risk cases.

Likewise, another innovation provided by the risk platform is the sampling of the businesses to be analyzed. The system has selected 300 large businesses distributed across the regions of Albania, and for them a detailed analysis will be made in every link of the chain that creates the added value, i.e. up to the small businesses.

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