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Business Profile

Alpha Bank Albania started to operate in the country in January 1998 as a branch of the Alpha Bank A.E., one of the largest banks in Greece, established in 1879 and in addition to Greece the bank is conducting business in the South-Eastern European Countries, UK, and Cyprus. The name of the branch initially was Alpha Credit Bank – Tirana Branch. In 2012 Alpha Bank Albania was transformed from a branch of a foreign bank into a subsidiary bank with the name ALPHA BANK ALBANIA SHA and the trade name continued to be ALPHA BANK.

Alpha Bank is one of the largest banks in the country with considerable market share in wholesale and retail business. Alpha Bank’s aim is to maintain a robust capital base to sustain the development of the bank and retain the trust of depositors, markets and business partners. The share capital of the bank is EUR 79 million being one of the most capitalized banks in Albanian. The main source of the capital increase was a) the Alpha Bank Albania profit capitalization 1998-2009 b) the continuous contribution from Alpha Bank Athens. The bank is maintaining high liquidity ratios. Also, for many years, Alpha Bank is a self-funding bank with a positive deposit-loan gap per currency and all currencies.

Alpha Bank was historically concentrated on the financing of the companies ranking for many years as the main player in the Albania Economy. In two last decades, Alpha Bank granted the biggest loan to a private company, it was one of the main participants in the biggest syndicated loan in the country to a private company; it has financed the biggest infrastructure projects in Albania: Tirana International Airport, Telecommunication Industry, etc.; and in cooperation with international financial institutions has financed many other private important projects. Also, Alpha Bank it was the first local bank arranging the biggest syndicated loan to the Albania Government.

Today, Alpha Bank delivers quality service to more than 210 thousand customers through 42 branches around the country and other alternative channels: 58 ATMs, WEB banking, 1,072 POS terminals.

The bank is a leader in the cards business, offering credit cards under the trademarks of American Express and VISA. The bank is exclusive issuer and acquirer of American Express cards, providing a list of privileges and benefits to the cardholders that use this payment instrument all over the globe. Alpha Bank was the first bank in the local market to issue a co-branded credit card (Vodafone American Express card by Alpha Bank), providing material discounted benefits to mutual customers of Alpha Bank and Vodafone. The debit card VISA electron provides access to the customer accounts with absolutely no costs for the transactions performed in the ATM network of Alpha Bank.

A wide range of deposit and investment products are offered to the individual clients, providing tailor-made solutions for all their needs, and combining profitability through competitive interest rates and flexibility through access to funds as per preferences. Today the Bank lists around 15 different deposit products, categorized in term and non-term deposits, which cover in full the needs of the customer for these products and reward them in accordance with the investment scheme selected.

In terms of retail lending, the Bank maintains a high ranking position for retail lending, with particular attention to housing loans. Competitive terms and conditions, such as favorable tenor and low monthly payments have made our retail lending products quite attractive in the local market, whereas the existing customers have the flexibility of combining fixed and variable interest rate periods, revision of loan terms in cases of payment difficulties and also the auxiliary service of SMS notification for the loan installment. Small business lending is the focus of the bank’s business development efforts, as it provides this very important segment with the liquidity it needs for sustaining and growing, and constitutes a strong bond for other additional banking services and products to SME-s.

The banking operations are supported with a modern technology and Management Information Systems, trained personnel with international banking experience and know-how, accountable managers, oriented towards the demand of the market and the best ethics and professional conduct standards.

Milestone of Alpha Bank Group

Pursuant to the acquisition agreement of October 16th, 2012, with regards to the sale of Emporiki Bank S.A. from Crédit Agricole S.A. to Alpha Bank A.E., and the approvals by the Greek and Cypriot Central Banks and anti-trust authorities, the entire share capital of Emporiki has been transferred to Alpha Bank by Crédit Agricole.

The transaction represents a major step in the restructuring of the Greek banking sector and positions Alpha Bank as a market leader, with pro forma market shares of c. 20% in deposits and 24% in loans respectively. The strong focus of both Alpha Bank and Emporiki on corporate banking will make the enlarged group a focal point of the Greek banking sector


Corporate Social Responsibility Activities during 2012

Corporate Social responsibility is part of the governance and corporate culture developed through a system of values, targets and activities.

Each individual and the respect of human values are the absolute priority for Alpha Bank.

Together with the efficient management of the financial resources and the modernization of technology, they constitute the guide for every transaction or communication with staff, customers and shareholders.

Alpha Bank Albania through a diversified sponsorship program is actively investing in key social, cultural, sportive, economical and environmental projects.

Some of the main projects that Alpha Bank Albania supported during the 2012 are:

Blood Donation: On June 22nd, more than 50 employees of the Bank donated blood for the children suffering from thalassemia, through the Red Cross Albania.

Tirana International Marathon:  Alpha Bank Albania was one of the main supporters of the first International Marathon of Tirana which took place on October 21, 2012.

Scholarship awards: On 26 November, 2012 Alpha Bank gave two scholarships to two students of Arsakeio College with outstanding performance on their studies and unique personalities.

6th Hellenic Albanian Business Forum: On November 26th it was organized the 6th Hellenic Albanian Business forum with the slogan ‘’Many ideas, one voice’’.The forum was organised by the Hellenic Business Association of Albania and the Embassy of Greece and Alpha Bank supported this forum for the 6thconsecutive year.

The World Vision Silent Auction: The CEO of Alpha Bank Albania Mr. Periklis Drougkas participated in the Silent Auction that World Vision organized in December 5, 2012 and won two photos, which are taken from the children and describes how they see the world. The fund earned from the pictures will be used for the projects that this foundation undertakes for the children.

End Year Charity: In line with the Banks’ CSR objectives, the Management Board of Alpha Bank Albania decided to not print wishing cards but instead use the budget to support institutions, where this donation would bring some joyful moments.

The fund was donated to the Elders Home of Fier to supply them with the necessary heating system.

Another donation was done to two Children Homes in Shkodra, where food packages, heating systems, televisions and digital devices were provided in order the children to watch informative and entertaining shows.

In view of further sensitizing the people of the Alpha Bank Group family on social and environmental issues and as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Bank, since 2009, the last Sunday of May in each year has been established as the ”ALPHA BANK GROUP VOLUNTEER DAY”.

In 27th of May 2012, Alpha Bank Albania supported 100 families in Tirana, who lives in difficult economical situation. The support was given by providing them for six months food packages. Many employees of the Bank were present at this event by spending time with the families and by distributing the food packages.

Management Board:

Chief Executive Officer


Economic Adviser

» Orfea Dhuci

Wholesale Banking Business Unit Manager

» Aggelos Vorgias

Retail Banking Business Unit Manager

» Brunilda Isaj

Operations and IT Business Unit Manager

» Alban Burazeri

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