MAI sh.a Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers

MAI sh.a Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers
Contact Person: Elnar Gashi
Str. Xhorxh Bush, No. 20, Tower I, 7th floor, 1001
Tirana, Albania.
Tel: +355 44 500 514
Mob: +355 68 404 6206

Business Profile

MAI sh.a. First Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers in Albania.

MAI Insurance Group (MAI) has opened MAI sh.a. Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, the first and only insurance broker in Albania.
With the establishment of MAI sh.a. MAI Insurance Group becomes the only insurance broker in the world with risk advisory and transactional capabilities in country.
MAI sh.a. has a strong team that is capable of offering foreign and domestic clients the full range of MAI Insurance Group, broker services to the highest professional standards MAI insurance experts are always ready to assist all kind of clients from individual business to big industrial investments regarding the insurance coverage to their risks and also advice and assist them in claims procedures.
MAI INSURANCE GROUP (MAI) is an insurance group specializing in Central and Eastern Europe. Established in 1990, MAI CEE has grown over the last 18 years to become a regional leader with a presence in 13 countries. In 2007 it handled insurance and reinsurance premiums in excess of Euros 200m.

MAI has two main divisions,
1) Insurance and Reinsurance Broking – with offices in Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Service partners in Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Slovenia.
2) Insurance Underwriting – MAI has underwritten motor insurance in Hungary since 1998 as an underwriting agency. In 2007 MAI capitalized a new insurer, AIM Insurance Company in Hungary, which underwrites motor insurance in Hungary and other Central and East European EU states.

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