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FIAA provides business services to Entrepreneurs and Investors who show interest or are already operating in the Albanian market. The Association acts as a ONE STOP SHOP by assisting business needs, providing the very basic information up to professional services on Economic Data, Market Research & Information, Market Entry Assistance, Governmental Relations Management, etc.


Lobbying and Business Environment

FIAA’s core objective is to contribute and ensure a favorable business environment in Albania by constructively working with the Government and international Institutions, offering its best expertise and experiences. As a Monitoring Body, FIAA acts as an interlocutor between the Albanian Institutions and foreign investors that operate in the country.


FIAA’s Councils and Committees

FIAA works with its members, local and international authorities in accelerating Albania’s process on becoming a European Union member state. In order to properly assist investors’ needs, FIAA has established two Councils and four Committees. The active work of the Councils/Committees serves FIAA’s mission to support the business growth of its members by promoting a healthy business environment in Albania.



FIAA is a reliable research center mainly focused on Albania’s business climate. FIAA also serves as an intermediate body between the public, the government and foreign investors. The Association produces studies, reports and publications on business and investments. The publications outline suggestions to the government and investors on how to improve the business climate.


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