Consultancy Services and Partner Search


FIAA provides business services to Entrepreneurs and Investors who show interest or are already operating in the Albanian Market. The association acts as an ONE STOP SHOP by assisting business needs from providing the very basic information up to professional services regarding Economic Data, Market information, Market Research & Information, Market Entry Assistance, Governmental Relations Management, Business Partner finding, etc.

In providing consultancy services, FIAA follows a process comprised of three main phases:

1. “Pre-Entry Information” Phase

  • Economic  Data, Market information, Market research & Personalized Information
  • Market Entry Assistance in governmental relations
  • Advise on Business Partner finding

2.“Welcome to Albania” Phase

  • Membership in FIAA
  • Specific market segmentation focused on the public presentation with Authorities and stakeholders of the sector and FIAA members  – Welcome to Albania events
  • Advertising, Publications and similar marketing tools
  • Speakers slot at key FIAA events on sector situation: energy, industry, agriculture, tourism, etc
  • Advisory role in selection of key subcontractors and service providers: legal, tax, accounting, marketing, investment advisory, technical supervision and engineering, public affairs from the FIAA network and beyond
  • Participation in B2B meetings with Albanian and International potential business partners
  • Participation in all business networks

3.“Post Entry Adaption” Phase

  • Follow-up regarding specific governmental relations
  • Sector reform event with FIAA and the Government of Albania
  • Specific sector reform public policy interventions
  • Members are invited to contribute to the sector working groups which coordinate the positions of FIAA High Level Economic and Fiscal Councils of the Government of Albania

These services will be charged on a pre-discussed service fee level.

Please contact the FIAA Secretariat for a quote.

Recently, FIAA together with RISIAlbania are focused on the promotion of 3 new sectors of Agro-Processing, Tourism and ICT, considered as developing potentials for all those foreign Investors who are interested to explore in Albania.

To learn more on each specific sector potential click on the following: