Mr. Emil Georgakiev, CEO of ONE TELECOMMUNICATIONS sh.a

Mr. Emil Georgakiev, CEO of ONE TELECOMMUNICATIONS sh.a

February 8, 2022
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20+ years’ milestone in FIAA 

FIAA: ONE Telecommunications is the first mobile telecommunications company in the country launched with the brand AMC, present in Albanian market since 1996. How would you describe the consistent growth and sustainability of your business in Albania as our country has been growing into a more mature market economy?

Mr. Georkaviev: ONE Telecommunications is an operator with 26 years of experience and glorious history. We are the operator who launched the first mobile network in the country, opening widely the door to technology world for Albanians. Of course, since 1996 the market requirements have changed a lot. To adapt with these changes and respond to customer demands we kept our network and services aligned with every new technology trend and innovation with one simple goal, to provide the best quality for our customers and lead the telecom industry in the country. All these years, the company was developing and transforming aiming to respond and satisfy the best on customer’s needs. We tried to predict and offer them what they expect: convenient products, excellent customer service and a trustworthy network. Our promise to them is that we will be better every day and that promise is what drives our daily work. Our growth in the last 3 years is well known and can be seen by anyone. But it didn’t happen by chance, it is a result of a very straightforward strategy and very hard work of the whole One Telecommunications team to implement it. We know that the market “rewards” those who are better than the competitors, that why we work very hard every day to be better.

This company has been Member of FIAA since our early months, first through the AMC (COSMOTE) and after through TELEKOM Albania and continues so through ONE Telecommunications. How do you see this journey/experience with us? 

We are members of Foreign Investors Association in Albania for 20 years. All these years we have been in many discussions and initiatives together. We see FIAA as a reliable partner, as the face and the voice in front of the authorities when it comes to business climate in the country, compliancy with EU and world best practices, legal environment and regulation and many other business and regulation areas. Being part of this Association is giving opportunity to share opinions and have discussions with other business on the topics of public interest.

What do you consider as the biggest future challenges in Albania and how do you see the role of FIAA towards guaranteeing a sustainable growth of your business in the country?

Being a foreign investor in a very strategic industry as telco is, it’s a challenge by itself. The telecommunications market in Albania is highly competitive and is very difficult to sustain a healthy margin to keep up with all innovations and trends. Albania has a small population and severe competition among operators doesn’t bring necessarily benefits to customers. Sometimes is even the opposite because the operators compromise on the quality of service in exchange of a low price. To understand better the customer needs, their behavior, and economical drivers in order to make a good balance between the quality and the price of the service will be a challenge. A different angle on the service cost and competitive environment and regulation, might help.

Another challenge is related to technological progress that it will be unavoidable in the coming years. Although 5G network is not a reality yet, operators like us need to prepare in order to be ready to offer the future technology to our customers. A proper roll out of 5G will require changes in the existing regulatory frame and FIAA can be of help in the discussions with the institutions.

At the end I believe that associations like FIAA are and will remain an important stakeholder in the process of favorable business environment development in Albania. FIAA support in the relations with Governmental Institutions, is crucial and highly appreciated.