Board of FIAA


Board Member and President of FIAA elected on March 28th, 2017

foto 1Silvio Pedrazzi is the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, one of the major banks of the country. The Bank is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of the top banking groups in the euro zone. Leader in Italy, in all business areas (retail, corporate and wealth management), the Group offers its services to 11.1 million customers through a network of approximately 4,500 branches. Intesa Sanpaolo has a selected presence in Central Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern and North African areas with approximately 1,400 branches and 8.4 million customers belonging to the Group’s subsidiaries operating in retail and commercial banking in 12 countries.

Silvio Pedrazzi as an Intesa Sanpaolo’s Senior Officer has held managerial positions for more than 21 years. He was appointed CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania in October 2013. Before coming to Albania, during 2012 – 2013, Mr. Pedrazzi was Head of C.I.S. and South Mediterranean Area Department in charge of Coordination of three banks operating in Russian Federation, Ukraine as well as Egypt. During 2008 -2014 Mr. Pedrazzi was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Pravex Bank, Kiev Ukraine (part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group). 2012 – 2013 Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Member of the Governance Committee of Bank of Alexandria (part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group) Egypt. During period 2006 – 2008 he held the position of First Deputy President of the Executive Board and Chief Business Officer of Banca Intesa ad Beograd, Serbia.

During period 2000 – 2006 Mr. Pedrazzi was appointed General Manager of Cassa di Risparmio di Ascoli Piceno S.p.A. (part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group). During period 1996 – 2000 he worked as General Manager of Cassa di Risparmio di Spoleto S.p.A.

Silvio Pedrazzi is married with Maria Irene and has a daughter. He has a Diploma in Accounting and a university Degree in Economics.He is fluent in Italian and English.


Dietlof Ziegfried MARE
Board Member and Vice President of FIAA elected on March 23rd, 2016

Dietlof MareBorn in December 1966 in South Africa, Dietlof started his professional path at the “The Graduate Institute of Management and Technology”, where in 1988 he graduated with excellent results. Afterwards with the same dedication and passion he completed with impressive results the Baccalaureus Commerciand theGlobal CEO programs.

Mr.Mare joined Vodacom South Africa in 1995, prior to his joining Vodacom he worked with Pricewaterhouse Cooper for three years. From the time he joined Vodacom he has held several executive positions within the Vodacom Group. In 2003 he became the Finance Director for Vodacom Democratic Republic of Congo, culminating in him becoming the Managing Director for DRC, a position he held for four years.

In April 2007, he joined Vodacom Tanzania, Vodacom’s second largest operations, as the Managing Director, a position he held up for 5 years till March 2012.

In April 2012, Dietlof relocated in Albania to undertake a new challenge:working with Vodafone Albania – the market leader of the country –as its CEO.


Bozhidar TODOROV 
Board Member and Treasurer of FIAA elected on March 28th, 2017

Born in June 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He started his professional path at the “University of National and World Economy”, Sofia, Bulgaria where in 1997 he graduated with excellent results and holds a Master degree in Finance.  Mr. Todorov started his career in banking industry in 1995 and has had a successful professional career in this industry, after holding several managerial positions.

In October 2007, after 12 years of successful banking experience in Bulgaria, he became Chief Executive Officer of First Investment Bank, Albania Sha, part of Albanian banking system. In February 2011, Mr. Todorov was elected member of Executive Committee of Albanian Association of the Banks. In October 2013 he joined Supervisory Board of MKB Union Bank in Bulgaria as Vice Chairman during the merging process with Fibank AD and he’s Chairman of Bulgarian – Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Being for a long time in Albania, he has gained a thorough understanding of the Albanian economy, business legislation, and business community. As a banker, has faced and is aware of issues encountered by foreign and local businesses and has fully committed himself to the improvement of the Albanian business environment.


Patrick PASCAL
Board Member of FIAA elected on March 28th, 2017

Mr. Patrick Pascal is the CEO of Selenice Bitumi Sh.a, a mining company that produces natural bitumen which is unique in Europe.
Selenice Bitumi Sh.a is an economic and social driver of the city of Selenice, located in the east of Vlora.
Mr. Pascal negotiated and acquired the mine on behalf of the French group KLP Industries in 2000 and was appointed to assume its management as well as re-launch the production starting from February 2001.
Since then, the Company Selenice Bitumi Sh.a, has experienced rapid growth and has been steadily expanding, becoming a success story and giving to Mr. Pascal the vision and experience to fully grasp and understand the Albanian reality and particularly the business sector.
Mr. Pascal is a member of FIAA since 2001. In 2007 he became FIAA’s Vice President and in 2009 he was elected as its President
by the Board, a mandate which was renewed in 2011 until 2015.
Being for a long time in Albania and within the FIAA’s Community, he has understood and learned the needs of the foreign business
community and has fully committed himself to the improvement of the Albanian business environment.
Mr. Pascal has also been committed to philanthropic activities by participating and taking the lead as the President of the Lions Club
of Tirana.
Mr. Pascal is also founder and President of the French School of Tirana since April 2011.
He’s appointed as an official Foreign Trade Advisor of France since January 2014.
He was elected in 2015 for 6 years as Conseiller Consulaire by the French Community for 6 Countries in the Balkan (Bosnia,
Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria) and he’s de facto a great elector for the French Senate. On decision by the
French President François Hollande, he was awarded the title of Chevalier of the National Order of Merit.
Because he believes he can share his experience in responding to the challenges of the economic development of this country,
in 2017 FIAA Elections he submitted candidacy and was elected to the Board.


Jean-Alain JOUAN
Board Member of FIAA elected on March 28th, 2017

Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN is the CEO of SAFRAN Aleat, a joint Company of Safran Identity & Security (former Sagem Sécurité) and the American Albanian Enterprise Fund (AAEF), established on 28 August 2008.

Aleat is producing and distributing the Identity Cards and Biometric Passports for Albanian citizens on the Albanian territory and abroad in the major Albanian Embassies, in Greece, Italy and US (8 countries). Early 2009 Aleat has deployed its enrolment and distribution services all around the country and has employed up to 800 people. The company has been a key stakeholder for the visa liberalization regime, awarded to the Republic of Albania end of 2010. End of year 2016, 3.7 M ID Cards and 3.5 M Passports have been produced. More recently, Aleat activity has been further extended to implement Trusted Identity Services, using the high security standards of the biometric Identity Card.

Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN has been working in the high technology environment (Aeronautics and Security), for more than 30 years and has occupied technical and management positions in France, and abroad, Africa, Brazil, Italy. Mr. JOUAN has played an important role in several companies of SAFRAN Group. In 2008, Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN joined Safran Identity & Security (former Sagem Sécurité) to set up and develop Aleat Company and its activities in Albania.

Safran Identity & Security, the mother company of Aleat, a high-technology company of SAFRAN, is one the world’s leading suppliers of Identification, Detection and e-Document solutions. Safran I&S is specialized in personal rights and flow management applications, particularly those based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader. Safran I&S integrated Systems are deployed worldwide and contribute to the security of transportation, data, people and countries.

Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN holds a Master of Engineering from “Arts & Metiers” ParisTech (French Engineering School).

Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN has been appointed “Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France” (CCEF) by the Prime Minister of France, François Fillon, in April 2011. Since January 2012, Mr. JOUAN is one of Founder and Administrator of the “Club d’Affaires France Albanie”, now the “Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Albanie” (CCIFA), and has been re-elected Board Administrator in February 2016. More recently, Jean-Alain has received an award, as foreigner, from the President of the Republic of Albania, for his contribution to the Country.

Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN is Member of FIAA (Foreign Investors Association of Albania) since Jan 2010, and has been elected Board member of FIAA in January 2015.

Being for a measurable time in Albania, Mr. JOUAN has understood the needs of the foreign business community. After being Member of the FIAA for five years, Board member for two years, Jean-Alain would like to propose his contribution to the FIAA Board of Directors in order to offer and share his knowledge and experience for further improvement of the business of the Country, especially by supporting the Foreign Investment. Representing a worldwide high technology company in Albania, is an outstanding asset for FIAA Board of Director.



Board Member of FIAA elected on March 23rd, 2016

Aida NaniMrs. Aida Nani, MBA – She is currently the County Director for Enso Hydro Energy, which is one of the largest private foreign investments in Albania with over €80m projected investment and has been an active member of FIAA since operations began in Albania. Enso Hydro Energy is part of the Austrian-based ENSO group and has IFC as a minority shareholder.

She has over 20 years’ experience in private sector business in Albania in different sectors and during that time she has delivered short inputs to projects funded by IFC, World Bank, EBRD and the European Union. She has been an active member of FIAA for many years, including participation in a number of sub-committees.

She was appointed Country Director of Enso Hydro energy in 2014 and acts also as the Managing Director of two Albanian project companies: Lengarica Energy and Mati Hydro Power. Enso Hydro has been co-operating with FIAA to participate in meaningful dialogue to draft energy sector legislation and renewable energy law.

Her experience of doing business in Albania has demonstrated that credibility and transparency towards all stakeholders delivers effective results. With this extensive background in doing business she believes that her election to the board will add significant value to FIAA’s effectiveness towards achieving its objectives.


Board Member of FIAA elected on March 23rd, 2016

DSC_5051Mr. Andreas Galatoulas completed his studies in the University of Economics in Athens, and continued his graduate studies in London. His work experience started as a Consultant for major companies in Greece.

He continued working in the Banking Sector for two of the main Banks in Athens. He be-came the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank Albania and has also been the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank in Skopje, as well as the President of Board of Directors.

With over 12 years of experience in the Albanian market, in 2015 Andreas Galatoulas be-came and continues to hold the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the University of New York in Tirana which is part of the New York College Educational Group with Universities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Prague and a University in London which is under process.


Marinela JAZOJ, MBA
Executive Director of FIAA

MarinelaMs. Marinela Jazoj (Albanian) holds a Master Degree in Investment Management from University of Wales (London School of Business and Finance, UK). Since 2004, she is the Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Association in Albania (FIAA). During the last ten years she acts as a contact point for the International Investors aiming to know about Investment Opportunities in Albania. She is also active on the management of the Cross Border Economic Co-operations through EU funded projects.