Attracting Foreign Investments in Albania for the Sectors of Agro-processing, Tourism and ICT

“Attracting Foreign Investments in Albania for the Sectors of Agro-processing, Tourism and ICT” is a joint cooperation between FIAA and RISI Albania with the main goal to promote the Albanian potentials in the 3 sectors of Agro-processing, Tourism and ICT Sectors to all those foreign Investors who are interested to invest in Albania.

This cooperation will consist in the close collaboration among stakeholders, such as: Albanian Local Businesses, local Business associations, Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, AIDA, Ministry of Agriculture, and Foreign Embassies in Albania. The Project is funded by SWISS EMBASSY in Albania and the Action is a co-financed initiative between Risi Albania and FIAA, where Risi is the main supporter.

Risi Albania is a Project which is implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Partners Albania with the financial support of Swiss Embassy. Risi Albania project is an initiative aimed at enhancing youth employment in Albania by promoting job creation and effective job intermediation for young people. The Project Duration is 4 years:  November 2013- October 2017.

FIAA is a 15 years old organization in Albania. It is a non political and non profit organisation. FIAA represents the biggest shares of the foreign investors in Albania, it is a well-respected organisation among government and other international institutions. FIAA’s main mission is to contribute through an open and informal dialogue with the government and other institutions for a better investment climate and favourable socializing atmosphere in order to attract more foreign investors in Albania.

The Main Activities which will be implemented during this project are:

  • Information Sessions with Sectoral organizations and businesses and Foreign Embassies in Albania.
  • Organization of Seminars on Transfer of know How with Foreign Experts from European countries.
  • Organization of Travel Routes for business meetings and contacts in selected Countries.
  • Business missions and dedicated Seminars in different cities of Albania.
  • Identification of local capacities and investment needs in the Agro-Processing sector ICT.

The Main Products of this project will be:

  1. Informative Booklet on the Albania Business Climate.
  2. Informative Brochures on the Albanian Agro-processing Potentials, Tourism and ICT.
  3. Rich online Web-Portal in support of the Action.

The Main Results to get achieved are:

  • An increased number of Investors which will enter Albania in the defined sectors.
  • A rich database of the Foreign Investors Interested to invest in Albania or at least have information on the Albanian market.
  • An online Portal responsive to Eventual Demands (local and foreign interests).
  • Updated brochures with sectoral potentials data and guides on investing in Albania.

FIAA’s Role

FIAA, selected from RISI Albania will be the main Partner to facilitate and promote this Action. FIAA will implement this action by using its long experience and wide Networks gained over the years inside and outside Albania.

Stakeholders’ Role

Various stakeholders are invited to collaborate in this initiative with common benefits for all and to the best interest of Albania. Exchange of information between the stakeholders is vital and twofold.

Risi Albania’s Role

Risi role in this Initiative stands not only cooperating with FIAA to attract FDI in the three sectors, but also to support FIAA in becoming sustainable in this new path. The initiative is foreseen to become self-sustainable even when the joint efforts cooperation will end.