ASSIST Digital

Str. Shemsi Haka, Ali Demi No.1

Tirana, Albania




The company

Assist is a digital CRM Service Provider focused on CRM transformation and digital interactions, blending human and Artificial intelligence to match consumer and brand needs.

Assist helps blue-chip companies to create a seamless experience for every customer, designing effective interfaces and managing relationships in real time across every single channel, with the aim of turning every contact into an opportunity of improving customer satisfaction.

Assist has aproven experience in the following sectors:

  • Energy and Gas with ENI, Enel, Hera Group, etc.
  • Banking and Insurance with UniCredit, BancaMediolanum, Europ Assistance,, etc.
  • Automotive with Toyota, FCA Group, Opel, etc.
  • Telco, with its ten-year partnership with Vodafone
  • Media with Sky, Wolters Kluwer, etc.
  • Gaming with Sisal, IGT Lottomatica, etc.
  • and many others (e.g. Bticino, Nexive, Amplifon…)

The offices are located in 7 different countries: Italy, Germany, France, UK, Albania, Croatia and Tunisie mixing different cultures and skills to make them work together. That’s the key point to create successful products and services.

The offering

Assist supports its clients towards CRM Digital Transformation, by providing end-to-end services that combine CRM & Marketing Automation, UX Research and Design, Digital Solutions Multichannel Operations and Artificial Intelligence.

CRM and Marketing Automation Services

Assist helps clients in designing, planning and managing every phase of their customer journey, both on the strategic and delivery side. The final objective is to make every single contact a profitable one.

UX Research and Design

A leading company in Europe in User Experience Design: from the analysis of user behaviours to design and development of new multichannel digital services. Thanks to the User Centered Design methodology, Assist pursues a unique and differentiating approach.

Assist is the exclusive Italian member of UX Alliance, a network of 25 independent companies specialized in UX that provides support to global companies in improving their digital presence through research and design services.

Digital Solutions

Assist designs and develops advanced and user-centred digital solutions, with a strong expertise in web, mobile, cloud and system integration. The technical team has been developing easy-to-use solutions with high-quality interfaces for the leading companies in their sector.

A.I. enabled Solutions

Assist is one of the bleeding-edge companies in Europe in customer interaction platforms based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, with M4Assist and EVA as its flagship solutions.

Strategic partner in Europe of Interactions LLC, a world’s leading company on conversational customer care solutions, in the delivery of “hybrid solutions” that offer a smooth conversational experience.

Multichannel Customer Operations

One of the primary Italian players in customer operations outsourcing, with a strong focus on digital channels, Assist integrates traditional and digital, including proprietary automated management platforms, to create a successful customer experience. That is why it is always best performer in Sales and NPS.

CRM Tech Solutions

Assist provides integrated IT solutions and vertical applications to manage all our multichannel contact centres, both inshore and offshore. The Hosted Contact Center platform, which ensures control over processes and performance of complex management systems, is in use at several clients in Europe.

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