Perceptions of the Albanian business environment

Perceptions of the Albanian business environment

January 24, 2014
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Over 100 CEOs of foreign companies in Albania have been targeted for interviews by FIAA for an assessment of the business environment in the country based on the perception of foreign investors. The interviews began in March and are continuing in April.

The survey is expected to be a valuable tool in helping FIAA to identify the barriers and challenges faced by foreign investors in Albania. The findings will be brought to the attention of government institutions and other stakeholders, with the aim of addressing obstacles through government policies and other actions.

FIAA is undertaking these activities as part of its stated mission to drive improvements in the investment landscape in Albania. The survey is being supported by Vodafone Albania.

FIAA wishes to thank all those investors who have participated in the survey until now and encourages other members and foreign investors to be part of the interviewing process, in order to support FIAA in promoting improvement in Albania’s business environment.