Address: Street “Deshmoret e 4 shkurtit” , Tirana, Albania

Email: info@abnestimaterials.eu

Web: www.abnestimaterials.eu



Business Profile 

ABNESTI MATERIALS SHPK is a nanotechnological biomaterials company, based in Tirana (Albania), which offers biological solutions based on its innovative Nite Carbon Nanoclusters (NCN®) technology for the market of cleantech, medical devices, veterinary, food supplements and environment.
NCN®, a unique nanoengineering tool, derived from plant raw materials, designed to work with different molecular cargoes or alone. Thanks to its unique surface chemistry and properties, it enables cellular engineering, bacterial and viral counteracting, molecular biosorption and agricultural technologies.
Understanding many of the challenges associated with cleantech, the environment agriculture and food industries, the company has focused on developing the world’s first truly universal carbon nanocluster s delivery vehicle using primarily its two NCN® Nanoclusters assemblies.
NCN® HN (Hurdle Nanoclusters), focuses on the development of nano solutions for antimicrobial and antiviral bio nanoclusters applicable in all sectors of antimicrobial and antiviral treatments of surfaces and air filter media, antioxidant, and anti inflammatory bio nanoclusters for u se cosmetic and for food supplements, antioxidant, and anti inflammatory bio nanoclusters for veterinary products.
NCN® BN (Bond Nanoclusters) focuses on the development of bio nano nanoclusters solutions for the capture of chemical molecules (VOC, NOX, SOX) from gaseous emissions of domestic boilers, bio nano clusters for the creation of biopolymers for agricultural use and the food industry.