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Business Profile

ESSEGEI S.p.A. has been operating since 2001 in the hydro power sector in Albania. It is the most important private producer of electric energy of the country managing 23 power plants for an installed capacity of about 31 MW.

Bringing in the field the Italian experience matured from the controlling company Camuna Idroelettrica S.p.A. especially in the design, construction and installation of hydropower plants, the Essegei S.p.A. has renewed its Albanian hydro electric park moving it at a year production of 2012 at about 80.000.000 kWh with the objective of breaking the 100.000.000 kWh for the 2013.

In these years, the company has aimed at the successful realization of the investment for the rehabilitation and repowering of the power plants aiming at the same time a business evolution capable to improve the performance both in professional terms and quality scopes.

Some from the most important hydro power plants, which to day can be nominated the most on the cutting edge in Albania, in the sector of small and medium plants are:

HC Smokthina                    with installed power 9,2 MW

HC Arras                          with installed power 4,8 MW

HC Shoshan                      with installed power 3 MW

HC Funares                       with installed power 1,9 MW

HC LEkbibaj                       with installed power 1,4 MW

HC Orgjost                        with installed power 1,2 MW

HC Velcan                         with installed power 1,2 MW

HC Rajan                          with installed power 1 MW

Significant is the service of revamping and electromechanically maintenance of the components in both the workshop and on site through the specialized company CamunAlb sh.p.k.

In collaboration with the controlling company Camuna Idroelettrica S.p.A. with head office in Pisogne (Brescia), from its side an European leader in the hydro electric realizations, the CamunAlb sh.p.k. boasts specific competences not only in handling but also in design, manufacturing and installation of Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines, in addition to all auxiliary operating control systems.

For the Essegei S.p.A fundamental strategies are: the continuous training of its Italian Albanian staff, its innovation in infrastructure assets in shares in strategic companies for its operability as mechanical workshops, precision engineering and management and development companies of production facilities.

Decisive are also the continuous research of the highest quality in all over Camuna group, through its own quality system adopted in 1995 which meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 in addition to the Health and Safety Management of its staff works in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 standard adopted in 2010.

For the Italian market, Camuna has obtained the Certificate of Qualification to the execution of Italian National Public Works SOA the categories OG6, OG9, OS18.

The Essegei S.p.A. brings ahead other important initiatives in the hydro electric sector in Albania maintaining the leadership in the sector.

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