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We are LocalEyes.


We started with Apple 18 years ago, accompanied them in their internationalization process in over 50 countries. We grew and continue to grow with Apple. We are proud to bring this experience to all our customers:

  • Marketing localization and services
  • Software Localization + testing
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Worldwide employee training
  • Engineering Managed Resources
  • Multilanguage call center
  • Copywriting & Editorial Support

This is because we have:

  • dedicated in-house teams (PMs, translators, localization and software engineers, QA specialists)
  • Offices in 14 Countries
  • Business Partners in 45 Countries
  • All languages supported
  • 200 employees worldwide
  • Top class customers worldwide
  • a global network of 500+ highly skilled professional translators and language specialists

These invaluable resources allow us to provide any multi-language localization, translation, and globalization service you may ask for, as well as a number of outsourcing solutions.

We specialize in the full-service localization of deliverables in the IT sector as well as other key industries such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Electronics, and Oil & Gas.

We’re proud to do business with high-end clients in Europe, the USA, and China: ABB, Air Liquid Group, Amazon, Apple, Carrefour, DeAgostini, Foot Locker, Grundig, Honda, IBM, Philips, PMC-Sierra, Quark, Renault, Samsung, Siemens, and Unilever (to name just a few).

We speak all languages.

Being global owes a lot to being genuinely local.Your international strategy will only succeed if you speak the right language in the countries you target.This has to be your major goal if you plan to conquer markets all over the globe.

And only a real localization expert can help you achieve this task.

Your expert can be LocalEyes.

LocalEyes in years of international business has developed a huge network of local and global partners, institutions, professionals to support its customers in going global:

  • Banks
  • Diplomacy
  • Institutions (Governments, Departments of Commerce, Universities, etc.)
  • Law firms
  • Industry Leader Companies
  • Funds
  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate players
  • Technology Providers
  • Innovators (startups, incubators, accelerators, ecc.)
  • Top Managers

We specialize in end-to-end solutions for multilingual projects.We offer comprehensive services with the broadest range of solutions. LocalEyes has translators and language specialists who live in target countries and provide native language services.

Because not only do we translate and localize, we also engineer documents and deliverables, we write texts, we perform certified QA checks, we handle DTP workflows, we provide audio and dubbing services — to name just a few.

LocalEyes can offer a 360° support to companies that want to go global. From very early stages of market analysis to full local market development:

  • International Business Planning
  • Foreign Market Identification & Analysis
  • Foreign Market Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Foreign Market Pricing and Distribution Strategy (Cultural and social differences analysis, partners and agents identification, etc.)
  • Legal Support (Opening subsidiaries, taxes, contracts assistance, regulatory affairs, etc.)
  • HR support (Managers Scouting, Talent sourcing, etc.)
  • Localization Services (Software/Technical/Creative Localization, DTP, QA Testing, Terminology Management, Localization engineering, etc.)
  • Technological tools (CRM, Call Centers, Digital Marketing and Advertising, BPO softwares, etc.)
  • Multilingual Content curation
  • Innovation (Open Innovation, startup scouting, etc. )
  • M&A and Fund Raising (when applicable)

Selling your products worldwide is no easy task.

You need a business partner that breathes the same air as your customers.

You need detailed local knowledge that allows you to achieve cultural consistency and technical quality.

You need a reliable premium provider that can do the job to schedule.

You need LocalEyes.