Lotaria Kombetare shpk

Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k.

Street  “Murat Toptani” 13, Eurocol Business Center, 6th floor, 1001 Tirana, Albania
Telephone: +355 4 24 72 600 & 0800 0639
Fax: +355 4451 1001
E-mail:  info@lotaria.al

Web:        www.lotaria.al



Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k.is an Albanian Company, 100% under the ÖsterreichischeLotterien also known as Austrian Lotteries.

Lotaria Kombëtare by austrian lotteries, offers interested adults games of the highest quality. “Responsible Gaming” is the basis of all of our activities. This attitude towards the stakeholders is in the minds and the hearts of the management as well as of the entire staff.

Our efforts are focused on the confidence placed in our enterprise by our customers and by the licenser. We combine responsibility towards society, the Albanian state and its regulatory policies with entrepreneurial commitment, we live these principles in a trustworthy manner and we will be economically successful. Financial strength forms the sound basis of our enterprise.

Our business model is characterized by the power of innovation. Being a pioneer in our business, we owe this role primarily to our highly motivated and performance-oriented staff that is the true backbone for sustained success. We develop and employ state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee optimum security with regard to game management.

Lotaria Kombëtare by austrian lotteries considers itself as “good citizen”, supporting institutions and projects that represent the interests of Albania and its population. Based on the license granted to us, we aim at offering the complete range of our products Albania-wide. To reach this goal and maintain, our retail partners are given optimum support as we foster long-term and exclusive co-operation with Lotaria Kombëtare by austrian lotteries.