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”Dëshmorët e Kombit” Blvd, Twin Towers, Tower 1, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 (4) 2280469

E-mail: info@mpay.al




Business Profile

M-PAY is a non-banking financial institution that offers high quality mobile payment services in meeting our clients’ needs. Our main challenge is to remain number one in anticipating the market new trends, and in assessing their impact on our clients and domestic market. We are carefully following the latest trends of the local and world telecommunication market. Therefore, we now know that it is not merely a matter of better technology, or better equipment, being that technology keep evolving. Our focus is on enabling mobile payments for each of our client, having in mind a series of objectives, which will certainly lead the way to a wider range of more sophisticated services. M-Pay has now started offering its mobile payment services in co-operation with mobile operators, banks as well as other market operators. This service will be simple, quick and secure, and above all, it will introduce no additional tariffs or commissions for the end users.


Fields of Activity

M-PAY is multi-dimensional and will offer a variety of applications and services, starting from payment of bills, Top Up, payment of taxes, electronic tickets, P2P, etc. M-PAY is at the same time oriented towards clients with or without a bank account, and it is accessible for all types of mobile phones. This means that M-PAY offers anyone with a mobile phone the opportunity to usefully, simply, and safely use the mobile phone as a payment method, regardless of the (old or new) type of phone, or mobile telephony network. M-PAY is an entirely mobile payment platform used with every mobile phone with access to the network. Transactions are made in the safest way, and through the most advanced technology. Thanks to its simplicity, M-PAY is very attractive, simple to activate, and open to anyone – no complicated software downloading needed, and no restrictions to registration. The M-PAY model is very flexible, and may accommodate an increasingly wide range of services with added value. We take our work and efforts seriously, and aim at longevity and sustainability in the market, which is why we have invested in innovatory technology, and have selected serious and active partners for guaranteeing a very high quality service in the market.

Certifications: M-PAY is licensed by the Bank of Albania for providing mobile payment services in the Albanian market.

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