Albania Marketing Service sh.p.k (Teleperformance Albania)

“Albania Marketing Service shpk- Teleperformance Albania”  

”Kavaja” street, (ex Cinema Millennium Building)

Tirana, Albania

Mob: 355 69 409 9919


Business Profile

Teleperformance Albania, business name A.M.S. sh.p.k, is an associated company of the Teleperformance S.A. group, the global expert in contact centre management, creating more value through a better customer experience.

Teleperformance has the largest global footprint in the industry with 260 contact centres, present in 76 countries, servicing over 160 markets,counting more than 223 000 people working on them.

It manages comprehensively over 1.000 Clients, a third of which “blue chip” International companies, present within the main industries:


2.Finance services;

3.Banks and insurances;

4.Media and large distribution

Since 40 years the Teleperformance Group is the source of numerous innovations in Client management and distance selling.

This ability, due to large experience and a vast presence over the world, allows answering quickly to the most complex necessities of the Clients, giving them a complete and unparalleled range of options regarding possible collaborations and solutions throughout a Contact Center.

Teleperformance in Albania was founded in 2008 to provide an off-shore CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for the Italian market. We started with an initial capacity of 100 workstations and we grew exponentially by roughly doubling that number every six months. Today, TP in Albania operates from three sites: two in Tirana, and a third one in Durres, 40 km away with more than 2K employees.

Our mission is to provide an excellent service from outside Italy through a tough language-skill selection process, by a highly motivated team and by the systematic adoption of Teleperformance Group´s world-class standards and tools.

Our employees’ enthusiasm and professionalism, along with a solid and redundant IT infrastructure, ensure a flexible, reliable and scalable solution for our clients’ CRM needs.

It has become more and more strategic to know how to build interim and long term relations with consumers, based on loyalty on which corresponds an appropriated level of services, information, assistance and therefore satisfaction.

Within our Contact Centers we develop, manage and improve constantly all procedures able to increase market quotation of our Clients, we personalize management of their consumers and increase the value of their Client basis.

We offer simple solutions to complex necessities: every day within our Contact Centers we supply simple but effective answers to market requirements, giving personalized solutions with large flexibility and short realization timing compared to our Clients necessities.

To increase Client basis value of the companies with which we work, to Build a relations with the consumer or Client, especially strong and long lasting, is not the same thing than knowing how to build a relation that simply makes profit: each contact opportunity in fact represents a possibility to create added value both for the final Client and for the Company.

This is why we invest in developing continuously and constantly advanced solutions, to allow being able to obtain best return investments from our programs.

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