Tirana Bank S.A./Sh.A.

Tirana Bank S.A./Sh.A.

Head Office: Str. “Ibrahim Rugova”, P.O. Box 2400/1
Tel: +355 4 22 77 700
Fax: +355 4 22 63 022
InfoBank: 0800 68 68
E-mail: info@tiranabank.al
Website: www.tiranabank.al
Business Profile Tirana Bank

Tirana Bank is the first private Bank which has started operations in Albania. It is established on 1996 and during this period it has grown fast creating a very wide branches network throughout Albania. Nowadays, after 11 years in the Albanian market, this bank is well-consolidated and offers a very wide range of products and services according to its clients needs.
Tirana Bank as a member of Piraeus Bank Group works and operates under the same objectives and targets as its mother Group, in order to be market leader for its financial services. It continues to grow fast, but maintain as its core philosophy the offering of new qualitative services, fine relations with customers and sound planning for the future. Many companies see Tirana Bank as a reliable support to invest and grow their business through.

Branches Network
Today Tirana Bank has 36 branches, in cities and industrial areas, as well as main border checkpoints and a wide network of ATM’s throughout Albania. Our customer service team is delivering high professional level as required, so as to find solutions anytime according to the financial needs of the customer. Banks future objectives are very close connected to the customer, which implies further the consistent expansion, not only in geographic measures but also in terms of products and solutions.

Tirana Leasing
Tirana Leasing is established in 2004 in Albania. It offers Leasing Financial services for cars and trucks under specified conditions. Tirana Leasing is the first Leasing Company in Albania and recently added new service for machinery and equipment. The qualified Leasing personnel provide all necessary assistance for the customers to make the right decisions.

Tirana Bank strategic objectives:

  • Fulfilling effectively customer needs and increase shareholders profit.
  • Continuous growth of products/services portfolio and improve flexibility of administration.
  • Strengthen and consolidate leader position in market, as an important player in Albanian economy.
  • Managing to develop further a professional team to response effectively to competitive challenges.

Main priorities:
Human resources play a significant role in improving the competitive advantage and delivering quality services. Tirana Bank gives major importance in modeling an organization culture, which:

  1. Responds fast to the customer needs
  2. Is offering professional and effective solutions
  3. Is effective in resources management
  4. Is flexible in administration
  5. Manages effectively the decision-making process.


Tirana Bank offers a very wide range of products and financial services. All the products are developed in consistence with the customers needs, giving them the chance of choosing among them their appropriate solution. Tirana Bank diversifies its products in two main categories:

1. Retail Banking:
Tirana Bank is carefully considering the increasing demand of individuals and SMEs for financial solutions. It has extended the portfolio range offering more value-added products and services which are covering effectively the costumer needs. The basic products and services we deliver to our customers are:

  • Currency exchange
  • Consumer Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Home Equity
  • Mortgage
  • Current Accounts
  • Time Deposits
  • Fund Transfer
  • VISA Classic Credit Card
  • VISA Electron Debit Card
  • 24 hours ATM
  • Car Leasing or Loans
  • Personal Valuable Objects Saving
  • POS for Merchants
  • Credit Lines for SMEs

2. Corporate Banking:
Since 1997, Tirana Bank has been one of the mayor business partners in Albanian market, assisting them in business development. Today, Tirana Bank is collaborating successfully with local and international companies, delivering more financial solutions and new opportunities through its Corporate Department. Tirana Bank is a leading financial institution partner in the sectors of Energy, Food & Beverages, Building and Commerce. The basic corporate products are:

  • Financing solutions (over 1 million EUR)
  • Financing Working Capital
  • Project financing Loans
  • Public institutions financing
  • S/T Lines and Overdrafts
  • Import-export services, L/C, L/G, B/G-tees
  • Company payroll services
  • Terms Loans
  • Syndication Loans
  • Corporate Accounts and Deposits
  • Business Credit Cards

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