FIAA in the Business Climate Forum 2023

FIAA in the Business Climate Forum 2023

April 24, 2023
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The President of Foreign Investors Association of Albania – FIAA, Mr. Alessandro D’Oria was invited by the Government of Albania to the Opening Session of the Business Climate Forum 2023, “Business climate, productivity and human capital”, as the main representative of the Foreign Investors Community in Albania.




During his word, Mr. D’Oria delivered a clear message to the Government of Albania, highlighting that while recognizing the big potential for investments the country has, there are still many challenges that the Government has to continue working on. There is need to further improve the business climate and only a synergic work between the institutions and the business can improve the conditions on which we are all committed.

Referring to the title of the Forum, Mr. D’Oria added that “We all agree that Productivity growth is the fuel that powers a thriving economy and leads to more jobs and a better quality of life which leads to a sustainable economic growth. Business is the backbone of the economy and the Government needs to proceed in this direction, taking actions by understanding the factors that drive productivity growth and designing policies that support businesses to become more efficient and competitive.
As FIAA, we want to avail our support and together work to tackle these challenges and ensure that everyone benefits from a productive and thriving economy.

FIAA thanks the Government of Albania for the efforts taken to improve the business climate of the Country and will the continue the cooperation and dialogue with the Foreign Investors Community in Albania.