MARLOTEX shpk donates masks to Institutions and Citizens in Albania

MARLOTEX shpk donates masks to Institutions and Citizens in Albania

July 13, 2020
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Marlotex shpk is a manufacturing company operating in Berat with more than 15 years in Albania, led by Mr. Gasmen Toska and Mrs. Teuta Qose. Under the new circumstances created by Covid-19 Pandemic, this company from the beginning of the lockdown has been adapted to the new reality by shifting its production to Masks and Gloves. Due to lack of local production for basic products such as textile masks, there was a high  demand also from outside Albania, which made Marlotex shift their  production to handle the high demand to providing these products, channelizing production to 8 companies in Albania and giving work to about 200 employees who have worked in mask ‘production units.

As part of their company’s social responsibility Program, they have been also continuously offering protective masks to their staff and their respective families.

Furthermore, over 50,000 qualitative and reusable masks have been donated for free so far and they continue donating to: the Municipality of Berat, the Police Forces in Berat, Prison, Pensioners and people in need in the city, as well as to the Municipalities of Korca, Elbasan and Tirana, and to Mother Theresa Hospital Center and Air Forces in the “Mother Theresa Airport”in Rinas.

The marketing strategy of Marlotex bases on diversifying products’ range. They operate in 5 different markets with 5 different goods, which are not related to each other. In principle this policy gives the company more resilience in times of crisis and more chances of resistance.

FIAA is very proud that its Member, Marlotex in Albania contributes to making a difference in these difficult times and becomes a model of generosity and acts with social responsibility.