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Interview with Mrs. Romana Vlahutin – European Union Ambassador to Albania

“Justice Reform will contribute to creating a more predictable and transparent business environment in Albania”

Romana Vlahutin, Ambassador of European Union in Albania, panelist 2 Session 1FIAA: What is your impression on the current business operating environment in Albania?

Mrs. Vlahutin: Despite its dominant role in the economy, business is held back by significant shortcomings in the regulatory environment and the rule of law. To Business Operating in Albania, the challenges remain mainly related to judicial system, property rights enforcement, contract enforcement, fight against corruption and informality.

Whereas, Albania has great potential to develop in terms of its geographical position, natural resources, and relatively cheap labor force, it still has to improve labor skills, to improve trade logistics, reduce the regulatory burden to businesses and ensure law enforcement in order to increase its competitiveness and attract foreign investors.  read more »

Interview with Mr. Christian Canacaris – CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania

“Justice Reform can increase investment in Albania”

Christian AR

FIAA: What are your impressions of the business operating environment in Albania currently?

Mr. Canacaris: The environment has improved a lot in recent years, especially after the international crisis of 2008. For sure the growth in 2016 is much higher than in 2015, which was higher than 2014. The overall environment is not so bad. Of course, it can always improve.

What have been some of the drivers of this change in recent years?

The payment of the arrears by the state was an excellent move; the state needed to do it and it did it properly. And the power reform was also a good move; it has improved the business climate. read more »

Keeping up on fighting corruption concern

Another product of the Albanian – Slovak cooperation is the preparation of some recommendations which would help the Government to fighting against corruption in Albania. These measures have been addressed by FIAA to the Albanian Government as measures to improve fighting corruption through a new approach towards online transparency and good governance.

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A Booklet for Business Ethics in Albania

For the first time in Albania, FIAA has prepared and launched a Booklet for Business Ethics, which can be used and adapted by all Albanian businesses and serve as a good guide for the entire business community. This Manual will guide the business in their daily activity to respect and implement legal and institutional framework, fair competition and protection of consumer interests.

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