Mr. Maksim CASLLI – Country Leader of Deloitte Albania & Kosovo

Mr. Maksim CASLLI – Country Leader of Deloitte Albania & Kosovo

November 8, 2018
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“Important changes in the current business environment would be necessary to make Albania achieve in the near future double digits growth! “


FIAA: What are the core services that Deloitte Albania offers?

Mr. Caslli: Deloitte Albania offers a suite of exceptional quality services in Assurance & Audit, Tax, Legal, Financial Advisory and Consulting. Numerous private companies, non for profit organizations and public institutions rely on the opinions and judgements of Deloitte Albania auditors. Businesses from any industry can count on us to provide them with the most basic operational services such as bookkeeping and payroll; as well as less routine services such as advisory on M&A, valuation, debt and equity financing, restructuring, liquidation. Our tax and legal experts are leaders in ensuring compliance to and optimization of all applicable legislative and fiscal requirements, be they local or international. Another core service that Deloitte Albania offers is consulting in various areas – human capital, technology, strategy and operations.In a few words any business in Albania needs business advice to be able to offer top services.


How does Deloitte Albania assist its clients in achieving their business goals?

Deloitte Albania has been actively present in the Albanian market for over two decades. That has enabled us to gain a broad and deep knowledge of the local economy and of best business practices. Additionally, we are part of a global network of firms and have the ability to draw on an unparalleled level of global knowledge and industry expertise to deliver innovative and effective solutions to each and every client. That I believe is the key to our success and to our clients’ success.


What is your take on the current economic situation in Albania?

The business environment here in Albania is somewhat special. Things that in other countries take years to happen, in Albania happen very fast. Certain other things which are more effortlessly accomplished in other countries, take an unnecessarily long time to get done here. This reality negatively reflects on the rating that Albania receives from various reputable international organizations as a destination for foreign direct investment.

Additionally, the year of EU membership is fast approaching for Albania, and the time leading up to that is an opportunity which should be used to grow the economy with double digits. Growth in the ranges of 2-5% is not as impressive as it may seem. Albania needs to close the growth gap with EU member countries before it joins them. In order for that to happen, changes must occur in thecurrent business environment. The government must understand that business is the main engine of the Albanian economy and this understanding should be reflected in the legislative framework it builds or restructures. Simultaneously, the private sector should work on enhancing their standards of operations and management in order to become competitive in the EU common market place.


What’s next for Deloitte Albania?

We have established a solid presence in Albania over the past 20 years. We are a leader in our industry and our aim is to maintain that position for the foreseeable future. We see growth opportunities coming as a result of expanding our portfolio of offerings to new and existing clients. We also see great growth potential from our current arrangement with other Deloitte firms within the EU where we export our expertise. Albania joining the EU will be a mere formality for the staff at Deloitte Albania who have been operating by EU standards for several years now.