FIAA holds its traditional “Prosperous Business Year 2023” event

FIAA holds its traditional “Prosperous Business Year 2023” event

January 25, 2023
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The Foreign Investors Association of Albania (FIAA) hold its yearly traditional event, a celebration which gathered the Foreign Business Community in Albania, the highest Diplomatic representatives along with key institutions in the country. The Event was greeted by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Finance and Economy Mr. Eduard Shalsi, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr. Besart Kadia, and H.E Mrs. Christiane Hohmann, Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, who addressed their wishes and shared their messages and actions towards the Business and Economic Climate’ improvement in the Country.

FIAA’s President, Mr. Alessandro D’Oria in his remarks stated that the last years have been extremely challenging and that business has been going through one crises to another which, more than ever, have reinforced the need for a well-functioning and predictable business environment.

Nevertheless, we are confident that 2022 did have the potential to revitalize to some extent business stability and generate growth. Our organization, the largest and the only network of foreign businesses in Albania, with over 22 years of presence, is a driving engine of Albanian economy and proudly represents 100 businesses with a turnover over €2mld during 2022 and over 30,000 employees in the country. Most of our members operate in energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and infrastructure, banking and finance, all of which, are key sectors for the Albanian economy and its prosperity.” – stated President D’Oria.

Furthermore, he added that FIAA will continue to work towards an improved business environment and contribute for further implementation of reforms and progress against set milestones.

Mr. Shalsi in his remarks acknowledged FIAA’s role and efforts for a healthy and sustainable economic environment and expressed that despite the challenges in the doing business, which have been impacted by global events with an impact on the economies of all countries, foreign investments and long-term policies in support of them remain a priority for the Albanian government, as a key factor for sustainable economic development and growth.

“We are engaged in providing support, creating facilities and continuously improving the environment of doing business in our country. Deep gratitude to foreign investors for their presence in Albania and for the great contribution they play to our economy.” – expressed Mr. Shalsi.

Meanwhile, in his remarks the Deputy Minister Mr. Besart Kadia, on behalf of the Minister of Economy and Finance, expressed gratitude for FIAA and the business community it represents. The Ministry considers the dialogue with business as very important, as it helps to improve development policies and increase transparency for public consultations. He stated that there are about 20 thousand foreign companies in Albania in various industries. In particular he highlighted FIAA’s members’ role for more than 2 decades, which continue to improve economy though financial and human capital, transfer of know-how, work culture and best business practices.

During her remarks, the EU Ambassador Christiane Hohmann commended the established cooperation among the FIAA community, especially in the context of the new momentum for EU-Albania relations as the country advances on its EU accession path. She also highlighted the importance of a healthy business environment in Albania.

“We look forward to see Albania enabling a more conducive investment climate, as the backbone for attracting new investment in 2023, particularly in the tourism sector, and expand its competitive advantages for an inclusive and sustainable growth. This is why we are supporting Albania in its EU integration path, which requires adequate institutional and human capacities, as well as a continuous dialogue with the business community.” – EU Ambassador Christiane Hohmann said.

To conclude, Chairman D’Oria introduced FIAA’s upcoming event, the Regional Summit “on “Energy Challenges towards Transition and Sustainability” to be held in March 10th in Tirana, together with the Ministry of Energy, where it is expected a qualitative participation and interesting discussions. Furthermore, he expressed that FIAA will engage in promoting other industries and will tailor specific events and activities for its members.

In FIAA, lie solid business ethics and high corporate governance principles, within the organization and towards local companies, the Government, and other external stakeholders. Through support and active engagement of membership, FIAA have proven to be a guardian of the business community interests and at the same time a reliable partner to the Government and other relevant stakeholders.

Thanking All the Speakers and Guests, the evening continued with a friendly cocktail reception.