Closing Conference of the EU Cross Border Project “Virtual Action-Real Results” Implemented by FIAA

Closing Conference of the EU Cross Border Project “Virtual Action-Real Results” Implemented by FIAA

March 3, 2015
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Korça, February 26th, 2015

IMG_3823The closing Conference of the EU Cross Border Project “Virtual Action-Real Results” was hold in Korca with the participation of Project Teams, the Stakeholder Working Groups and other key players of the Tourism Industry in the Region.

During the Conference was made a presentation of the implemented activities, achieved results and the products gained with the Project Action (Inventory/Data Base, Virtual Software tool, Manual on the Virtual Software tool, Guidebook on “Appropriate behavior with the clients”, Handbook “How to be successfully presented on the Fair”, Marketing Strategy and its related products, promotional and advertisement materials (leaflets, brochure/travel guide, and other promotional materials which were distributed to the participants.

The project created favorable conditions for sustainable development which reinforced relations through a long term regional cooperation between companies, institutions and people related to competitiveness and attractiveness in the cross-border region. FIAA has been the implementing Partner of the “Virtual Action – Real Result” Project, an 18 months project which was financed by the IPA Program of the EU Delegation in Albania in the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation between Albania and Macedonia with the purpose of enhancing tourism in the Cross Border Area.

The project supported the active business sector in order to meet with the new conditions and challenges in the economy through modern tools widely dispersed globally. It helped on improving the competitiveness and attractiveness of the targeted groups and the region with creation and promotion through new tools; raising awareness for the economic operators, local and regional authorities, other key institutions; Capacity building on competitiveness and improving standards; Fostering the cooperation, preserving existing and creation new networks.

The direct beneficiaries  were the  Economic operators/Companies, Local/Regional authorities, Representatives of Local Economic Development Units, chambers of commerce, NGO’s that supports SME’s, public and other institutions, incubators, cluster units, educational institutions (universities and VET organizations/institutions) and inhabitants in the targeted cross-border area.