FIAA establishes new European Integration Committee

FIAA establishes new European Integration Committee

March 20, 2015
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The Board of Directors of FIAA has just established a new European Integration Committee to focus on legal issues arising from legal compliance with the EU acquis. The purpose of FIAA’s European Integration Committee is as follows:

    • To qualify information collected from our members on areas of legislation which, if adjusted to the EU acquis, will benefit businesses and the country.
    • To research EU legislation and prepare any necessary documentation, including a presentation of the benefits of any adjustments to legislation.

  • To present the association’s position on required adjustments to the EU Delegation and other international institutions.
  • To provide technical support to the FIAA Board of Directors in its discussions with the government or other institutions.
  • To comment on new laws (on selected area of interest to our members) and their compliance to the letter and to the spirit of the applicable EU framework.

Beyond ensuring the achievement of these results, the aim of the European Integration Committee is also to ensure that each of the business sectors in which FIAA members are active is fairly represented and their concerns are adequately voiced.

It is of paramount importance that this committee works in close collaboration with the EU Delegation in line with Albania’s implementation of various chapters of the EU acquis.