FIAA holds a Roundtable Discussion with the Minister of Justice, Mr. Manjani

FIAA holds a Roundtable Discussion with the Minister of Justice, Mr. Manjani

May 5, 2016
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Foto Roundtable 4 Maj 2016In early May this year, foreign investors were part of a roundtable with the Minister of Justice. Main focus of the discussion was on different issues that businesses are facing with the System of Justice in Albania which is a crucial element on well functioning of the business environment in the country.

During the recent years the foreign Investors have stressed out several problems they face related to Courts and Rule of Law in Albania. For them, a credible justice system is the alpha of the investments sustainability and growth in a country. During his word, the Chairman of FIAA highlighted the importance of the communication with the Ministry of Justice as the main representing institution of justice. He further said, that based on the results of the survey that FIAA had conducted on Business Environment, it came out that issues related with Courts and Rule of Law were at the highest concern for businesses. And therefore, such a roundtable would give the opportunity to both business and Minister to address and discuss on the most concerning issues.

The Minister of Justice, Mr. Manjani appreciated the organization of such roundtable with the Business Representatives and thanked them for bringing their issues part of the discussion. He stressed that improving business climate is a much discussed topic related to legal system of the country which affects business life. He further highlighted that the strategy of the Ministry of Justice is to improve legislative grounds in favor of business through the “White Paper”, which means it should be business to draft the law.

Minister Manjani continued further his word by saying that since the early days of his work as a minister, he has continued to deal with concrete issues like Administrative Court, where FIAA was also present giving its contribution. “With suggestions of business, we made some interventions for better and quicker service and hope to accelerate somehow the trial period”, Mr. Manjani said.

Minister Manjani informed the members of FIAA on several interventions the Ministry has done in the different laws like bankruptcy, which relate to transparency or to the procedure and to the procedural elements that really help the business community in their clarity. He also called for an important invitation to the business for the creation and functioning of arbitration chambers in Albania, with international standards of commercial arbitration as the best reform in support of the business environment.

He concluded by thanking FIAA for its contribution and inviting to continue this cooperation even further, in particular in the next very important phase of implementation.

The Meeting continued with discussion on specific issues that the present businesses addressed.


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