FIAA holds its Yearly Traditional Event

FIAA holds its Yearly Traditional Event

February 18, 2022
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The Foreign Investors Association of Albania (FIAA) hold in February 17th its yearly event, a traditional celebration which gathered the Foreign Business Community in Albania and the highest Diplomatic representatives along with key institutions in the country. The Event, called “A Prosperous Business Year 2022”, was greeted by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Ms. Belinda Balluku who together with her key staff paid a serious commitment and engaged in thoughtful discussions with all the participants.

FIAA’s President Mr. Constantin von Alvensleben in his remarks stated that the last two years have been extremely challenging. More than ever, the pandemic has reinforced the need for a well-functioning and predictable business environment. “We feel optimistic that despite the impact of the pandemic still being felt, 2022 has the potential to revitalize business stability and generate growth. Our organization, the largest network of foreign businesses in Albania, with almost 22 years of successful activity, will continue to work towards an improved business environment and contribute to further implementation of reforms and progress against set milestones not only for Albania but also the region”, said Chairman Alvensleben.

Meanwhile, in her word the Minister Balluku confirmed her Government’s support and her maximum commitment to business, considering it an important partner for the economic development of Albania. The Minister expressed her willingness and engagement to supporting foreign investors by creating a better business climate.

Furthermore, the Chairman of FIAA added that it was a fact that most of FIAA members operate in energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and infrastructure, all of which are key strategic sectors for the Albanian economy and its prosperity. “The White Book of FIAA, is a key part of our Agenda for this year, addressing several concerns of our members, including strategic sectors under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. It is our mission to cooperate with the government for a better investment climate to attract more foreign investors to Albania and there is need for more work on legislative improvement and enforcement, including the Energy Law, the Hydrocarbon law, licensing regulations, the progress for the Albanian Power Exchange, along with several Renewable Energy Laws. Our Investors’ community is looking forward to market liberalization, while at the same time have in place a functional Power Exchange to ensure a modern, state of the art trading mode”, expressed Mr. Alvensleben.

In addition, Minister Balluku made an impressive Panorama of the main strategic projects going on in Albania in Energy, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas. She mentioned the strategic importance of the new investments that well-known companies are doing in Albania and the value they will add to the Country’s Energy Production along with the Improvement and Development of the country’s infrastructure.

To conclude, Chairman Alvensleben thanked the Minister for her commitment, as well as expressed his gratitude to the very good long-standing members of FIAA that supported the event, OTP BANK ALBANIAFUSHE KRUJA CEMENT FACTORY, STATKRAFT ALBANIA and TRANS ADRIATIC PIPELINE.