FIAA Industrial Talks II – Meeting with Board Members

FIAA Industrial Talks II – Meeting with Board Members

October 10, 2020
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In the ambit of FIAA industrial talks, the Board Members have meet to share concerns and perspectives on the current doing business in the country. Representing different industries in the country, the Board have shared their experiences and perceptions coming from banking, consultancy, real estate development, oil industry, infrastructure and telecommunication.

In view of the fact that Albania is now preparing for the Electoral Run of the political Parties, the Board of FIAA considers as very important the communication with the members, the Government, Opposition and other Players in the political Arena, stressing stronger than ever, improvement of the Business climate in the country.

As such, prior to the upcoming election campaigns, FIAA will soon publish an official manifest consisting on the Top concerns from Business and address it to the parties and interested stakeholders.

Four years ago, FIAA addressed their business concerns through the White Book 2017-2021, an official Document given to the New Government of that time, which would serve as a Work Guide, by using a new format of dialogue between Albanian Authorities and the Foreign Business Community and not only. The goal here was the creation of Ad-Hoc Working Groups with Experts from both Public Administration and Business Representatives, in order to define concrete measures and implement recommendations coming from the White Book. This initiative came out during the discussions on the purpose of the White Book with the Representatives of FIAA. A good part of the FIAA White Book has been accomplished, but still remains a lot to do.

The New Edition of the White Book will be soon under preparation and will include all business concerns and their technical aspects, along with relevant recommendations coming from our members directly.