FIAA Industrial Talks – Meeting with the Energy Sector Companies

FIAA Industrial Talks – Meeting with the Energy Sector Companies

October 6, 2020
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FIAA considers as highly important to further develop communication and discuss among each other on the issues members from respective industries are facingIn this ambit, member businesses of the energy sector, have meet with FIAA’s Chairman, Dr. Constantin Von Alvensleben sharing their concerns and perspectives on the current doing business in the country.

For every business, 2020 has been a tough year but, in particular for those businesses heavily affected by the Pandemic. With a good will and hope to getting back to normality, FIAA is undertaking a series of meetings/industrial talks with its members in order to catch up with the relevant concerns and developments, as well as to create some networking opportunities as a very useful tool for the businesses.

The present members highlighted as very important and most concerning, the need for consistent communication with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, which has often lacked feedback and consultation as a direct interest group for draft laws or directives affecting their businesses. Other issues brought in the table were related to the tax authorities and Ministry of Finance, Local Authorities fees etc.

In the recent months, FIAA has addressed several communications and letters to the Ministry of Energy and will keep pushing to restore communication and follow any request from Members to further support them.