WHITE BOOK ALBANIA 2021- 2025 preparation is now close to its publication

WHITE BOOK ALBANIA 2021- 2025 preparation is now close to its publication

July 5, 2021
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In frame of the FIAA’s commitment to improving the business climate in Albania, the Tax and Legal Committee ‘Experts under FIAA, have prepared the first Draft of the White Book Albania 2021-2025. The draft is now under broader consultations with more businesses, members of FIAA and it is treating a significant part of the legal and tax framework in the country by addressing the most concerning issues in the doing business environment, along with proposed solutions and recommendations for each area of interest.

Chapters of the White Book draft cover mostly the: Tax Law; Business Registration Law; Banking Regulatory Framework; Corporate Law; Concessions Law; Energy Renewables Law; Bankruptcy Law; Fiscal Regime on Hydrocarbons in Albania; Hydrocarbons Law; Employment Law; Law on Invoice and Turnover Monitoring System (Fiscalisation Law); Pension Fund Law in Albania; Residence and Work Permit Law; Carbon Tax/Excise Tax; Trademarks Protection as well as Waste recycling Management.

The preparation of the White Book document is an important tool, addressed at the start of each governing mandate of the Government of Albania, acting as a Guide Map to the Policy Makers of the country for significant improvements of the investment climate.

During the last 4 years, FIAA has constantly provided opinions and recommendations to improve Albania’s legislation in several areas, but through this Document it is strongly believed to make a serious contribution by addressing in a formalized format each concern and give concrete recommendations for each of them.

The content of the White Book has been prepared with the professional support of the main Legal and Tax companies (members of FIAA) like Antea Cement, Boga & Associates, Deloitte Albania, Ernst & Young, Kalo & Associates, KPMG Albania, PWC, SHELL ALBANIA, Raiffeisen Invest, Albanian Association of Banks.

FIAA remain hopeful that the recommendations provided in this edition of the FIAA White Book will have a wide acceptance by the decision makers and positively affect efforts to improve the business environment in the country.