FIAA Annual Meeting 2019

FIAA Annual Meeting 2019

March 21, 2019
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Foreign Investor Association in Albania hold the Annual Assembly Meeting during the evening of March 20th at Mak Albania Hotel. During the Meeting, the Chairman of FIAA Mr. Larsen addressed some words by highlighting the main achievements and challenges FIAA had during the 2018. He also congratulated the Board Members of FIAA for supporting the FIAA mission and their commitment in particular the Members whose mandate came to the end. The Meeting continued with a Presentation of the activities and actions of FIAA during the year along with the respective financing reports. The second part of the  Assembly works was the introduction of the Candidates running for Board Member and their election. The candidates were representing main foreign companies in the country like SHELL, Bankers Petroleum, Colliers International and Kalo & Associates.

The renewed Board Structure consists as follows:

Mr. Tom Kristian LARSEN, President of FIAA and Country Head Albania of Stakraft/Devoll HPP (elected in 2018)

Mr. Patrick PASCAL, Board Member of FIAA and General Manager of Selenice Bitumi sh.a (elected in 2018)

Mr. Mario BRACCI, Board Member of FIAA and CEO of ANTEA Cement (elected in 2018)

Mrs. Stela DHAMI, Board Member of FIAA and Managing Partner of Colliers International (newly elected)

Mr. Rohan D’SOUZA, Board Member of FIAA and Chairman of SHELL Industries Albania (newly elected)

Mr. Xingyun SUN, Board Member of FIAA and President and CEO of Bankers Petroleum Albania (newly elected)

Mr. Perparim KALO, Board Member of FIAA and Managing Partner of Kalo & Associates (newly elected)

FIAA is the most reputable institution representing the foreign business community in Albania, with 19 years of experience, it continues to be an important partner in the development and economic integration of the country. The Association has consolidated a sustainable co-operation with local and international authorities in the country, positioning itself part of the various consulting structures focusing on the business climate in the country and absorbing new investments.