FIAA celebrates its 20th Anniversary

FIAA celebrates its 20th Anniversary

May 30, 2020
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2020 marks a special year for FIAA. 20 years ago, FIAA was established by the main Foreign Investors in Albania, thus turning into a reality their aspiration for the creation of such an organization in the country. The subsequent launch of FIAA was highly appreciated and welcomed by the Authorities, Business Community, as well as International Bodies present in Albania. Today, FIAA represents the most prominent foreign businesses operating in Albania originating from different geographies and active in various sectors of the economy.

There is no doubt that FIAA’s successes to become a highly reputable organization in Albania, has come a long way and is clear result of the commitment, efforts and trust of each and every member of the organization. Today, I am glad to see that we have built important and sustainable bridges of cooperation with important international organizations such as EBRD, IFC/WB, EU, IMF, UNDP as well as many diplomatic bodies.

When I go back throughout the years, I am proud to realize several milestones that FIAA has achieved during this way of accomplishing its mission. It is a great sense of fulfillment to have members which have been with us for 20 years and together we have seen each other growing and reaching numerous successes. During these years, the business life in the country hasn’t been always flourishing, and our Foreign Investors Network has gone through challenging moments. However, whatever the difficulties, FIAA has always succeeded to preserve its impartiality and political unbiasedness, which have been the cornerstones of making it a credible organization and trustful partner of foreign investors and international organizations in Albania.

Today, FIAA continues to be home to main foreign investors in the country, a place where knowledge and professionalism is shared, a place where information and views are exchanged and communicated to the Albanian business audience. Our tailor made events like Conferences, Exhibitions, Forums and Committees are a clear sign of such endeavors.

Contributing to a better investment environment has been the key drive for FIAA’s mission. At the same time, maintaining dialogue with the Authorities in a volatile political country like Albania has been even more challenging.

Finally, I would like to express my firm engagement that along with the Board of Directors, FIAA will strive to accomplish its mission even under current difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic situation. We will continue to serve and support our members by embracing new approaches for a more efficient work and better professional outcome, thus contributing to the improvement of the investment framework in the country where FIAA will be rightfully considered as the Partner of Foreign Investors.


By Marinela Jazoj

Executive Director


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