FIAA is part of the Multi Stakeholders Group at EITI Secretariat Albania

FIAA is part of the Multi Stakeholders Group at EITI Secretariat Albania

September 22, 2021
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FIAA is part of the Multi Stakeholder Group at EITI Secretariat Albania

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative – EITI, is an international initiative with main object to develop and implement a mechanism for declaring revenues earned from the use of Natural Resources through Extractive Industries, publishing of these data in an understandable format by everyone and their oversight by providing to the general public information on public revenue and expenditure, thus, contributing to a public debate and the establishment of mechanisms for the good governance of these revenues to the benefit of communities. The EITI process can be further tailored and adapted according to the current context of each implementing country, in order to meet the information needs of stakeholders, as well as the needs to tackle the sector with important reforms, based on this data. As it is set out in the EITI Standards Requirements, the EITI Standard Implementation requires effective oversight of the EITI process by all stakeholders. This is accomplished through the establishment and functioning of a Multi Stakeholder Group, which includes government representatives, companies operating in this sector, and full, independent, active and effective participation of civil society, who are committed to work together in order to develop and promote the transparency and good governance of this sector.

The EITI Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) was established by the Prime Minister’s Order no.71, dated 21.07.2011, to follow-up Albania’s membership procedures as an implementing country of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the ongoing fulfillment of the obligations deriving from this initiative.

The Multi Stakeholder Group for EITI Albania is the decision-making body, in charge of supervising the implementation of EITI in Albania. This group is headed by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and consists of government representatives, companies operating in extractive industries and civil society. The Multi Stakeholder Group approves the work plan for the secretariat, submits the annual EITI report, ensures that EITI contributes to public debate and supports the work of the Albanian Secretariat EITI.

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The Multi Stakeholder Group EITI (MSG) operates based on its Internal Regulation “REGULATION ON ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONING OF THE MULTI STAKEHOLDERS GROUP (MSG) IN FRAME OF THE MEMBERSHIP IN THE EITI-INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION” – Approved with the Minister’s Order, no.454 Prot, dated 30.12.2016 “Order for the adoption of the Regulation of the Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) in frame of the membership in the EITI International Organization”

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Members of the Multi Stakeholders Group

The Multi Stakeholder Group, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, consists of 16 representatives, 6 representatives from the government, 5 representatives from civil society and 5 representatives from the companies operating in the extractive industry. Representatives from other institutions may also participate in the multi stakeholder group meetings upon the invitation of the chairman.

Method for selection of Representatives of Extractive Industries to the EITI MSG and current representatives  

Representatives of Extractive Industry Operators, Members of MSG EITI Albania shall be selected, mandated and replaced in accordance with the procedures described in Articles 10 and 11 of the Internal Regulation. In order to maintain diversified opinion and broad representation, each interest group has the right to designate its representatives in MSG for EITI in Albania. The nomination process is independent within each subgroup.

Participation in the MSG for Civil Society representatives and business representatives, in order to enable broad-based representation, is made upon open public invitation by the Chairman of this Working Group and is administered independently and transparently by each group. Each group must make transparent the procedure for selecting MSG members and must provide documents to the Chairman of the MSG, for the process and selection procedure, as well as validity of each member’s mandate;

– The EITI Secretariat Albania will provide technical support throughout the selection process, if this is required by each of the groups, in order to fulfill the transparency of each process.

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On 16.11.2016, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between FIAA and National Secretariat of EITI Albania, by No. 118 Prot, which stipulates that FIAA will be the only formal Institution that Represents Businesses in Extracting Industries and that it will undertake the selection process of MSG members from business representatives, ensuring a transparent and independent representation. Despite the limited number of seats for FIAA in the MSG, the selecting process among the members of FIAA within this industry is made based on the following criteria:

  • One Representative per Industry
  • ProActive Representatives in various discussions and initiatives
  • Professionally committed Representatives in discussions

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In frame of the Corrective Actions left by the First Validation Process, where it was required the representation as a Member in the MSG for ALBPETROL sh.a., and pursuant the resignation given for work purposes by the Statkraft representative, on 11.01.2019, the Chairman of MSG Mr. Enis Aliko by letter no.17 Prot, dated 22.01.2019, requested the replacement of the Statkraft Member with the representative of Albpetrol sh.a.

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 Over the years, FIAA’s Representatives in the MSG have been the largest investors in the country, such as:

  1. Bankers Petroleum
  2. Devoll Hydropower Sh.a./STATKRAFT
  3. Beralb Sh.a
  4. Albchrome
  5. Stream Oil

Currently, the representatives of Extractive Industry Operators in the MSG are as follows:

  1. Mr. Përparim Alikaj, (FIAA)
  2. Mr. Dritan Dervishaj, Antea Cement (FIAA)
  3. Mr. Ergi Nuri, Shell Upstream Albania B.V (FIAA)
  4. Mrs. Mariola Kito, Statkraft Albania (FIAA)
  5. Mr. Florian Muçaj, Administrator of Albpetrol Sh.a.

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