FIAA Manifest to main Political Parties in Albania

FIAA Manifest to main Political Parties in Albania

February 5, 2021
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FIAA strongly believes that the improvement of the Business Climate in Albania remains fundamental.

As Albania has entered in the electoral period and the political Parties have prepared their economic programs, FIAA strongly believe that these Parties must give focus to the business climate signals and alerts.

In this ambit, at the initiative of the Board of Directors of FIAA and in close consultation with its Committees, FIAA has prepared a Manifest which addresses the Challenges for bringing Albania’s economy forward in the next four years.

FIAA is convinced that these challenges remain crucial to the improvement of the business climate and is appealing for the attention of the main Political Leaders and not only. FIAA believes that the need to stimulate growth, to attract foreign investors and fit for EU accession is more than urgent.

For more details download here FIAA Manifest.