Official Launching of the White Book 2021-2025

Official Launching of the White Book 2021-2025

October 12, 2021
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The Association of Foreign Investors in Albania (FIAA) presented the third edition of the White Book 2021-2025, a document for the improvement of the business climate in Albania. The presentation of the Book marked the 21st anniversary of the Association. The event was attended by Government, Diplomats, International Organizations as well as representatives of the foreign business community in the country. Published every 4 years, since 2013, the White Book is an appeal of foreign investors on the business climate in Albania and a transparent platform for dialogue with the authorities. Its purpose is to facilitate business in Albania by removing unnecessary barriers and to give concrete proposals for appropriate reforms in the country.


FIAA President Mr. Constantin von Alvensleben in his speech said: “We are aware that not only business has faced big challenges, but also the Government. However, despite the current situation we are living in, our expectations as a business community remain the same. “The country needs to further improve its business environment by completing reforms in key areas, strengthening its institutions in general, the judiciary in particular, and continue the fight against corruption.”

For the White Book he said it is a fruit of the commitment and expertise of the many FIAA professionals and experts operating in a range of industries, with special committees engaged in a year-round consultative process.

“We are pleased to see that we and the new Government are sharing the same priorities: the safety and health of people against COVID-19, economic recovery, the rule of law and further digitalization. But, it is also essential to further support the acceleration of accession negotiations with the EU, along with the serious commitment to proper fiscal consolidation and proper law enforcement. As Foreign Investors in Albania, it is our role to constantly show the main obstacles and challenges that would make Albania a favorable country for new investments”, said Mr. Alvensleben.

At the book presentation ceremony, were also the Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union, Mr. Luigi Soreca and the Minister of Finance and Economy, Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj.

In his speech, Ambassador Soreca stressed that it is essential that Albania has a positive environment for entrepreneurship, above all, for foreign investors. Enforcement of contracts and clear ownership rules are some of the aspects that Albanian institutions must guarantee in order to improve the foreign business climate in Albania.

Furthermore, the Ambassador of the Delegation added that: “The main responsibility to put Albania on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth, and to raise the living standards of its population, lies with the country’s institutions. Investments will only increase significantly if companies see tangible improvements in the business environment. This is about the proper implementation of the rule of law, guaranteeing free and fair competition, where businesses are protected from corrupt practices, contracts are implemented in a timely manner, informality is reduced, and there are rules of clear ownership.

Meanwhile, in her speech the Minister of Finance and Economy Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj said that the White Book, which has already been consolidated as a “platform” where foreign investors and state authorities discuss together the challenges of doing business in the country, comes as a long way guide where we will need to improve and cooperate. ”

She further stressed that the voice of FIAA on behalf of the foreign enterprises plays an important role in emphasizing priorities and improving investment policies. “Therefore, in this speech I find the opportunity to appreciate your role, not only in involvement in policy-making debates, but also your role in monitoring the good governance of business climate reforms to the great challenges that await us in the framework of European Integration, in the regional and global market “, concluded Minister Ibrahimaj.

At the end of the activity, thanking the participants, the President of the Association said that the goal of the FIAA is to have a closer cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy and other institutions in following the recommendations of the Book through Working Groups with Experts from both Public Administration and Business Representatives.