Manufacturing Industry Meeting

Manufacturing Industry Meeting

February 12, 2021
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In the ambit of targeted industrial talks with members, FIAA held an interesting meeting with representatives from the manufacturing industry that remains a key evolving industry in the country, as this industry is boosting exports and fostering economic growth.

The meeting held on February 11th was very fruitful as it brought more insights from the perspective of this industry, sharing the experiences during the pandemic, discussing the key challenges that the industry is dealing with and hearing recommendations on how to further support this important industry!

Despite the pandemic difficulties, which have affected all businesses, these businesses have been performing good. They have found new channels and ways to keep their operations ongoing, and most importantly to maintain their staff at work and perform efficiently.

Present in the meeting was also FIAA’s Chairman Dr. Alvensleben that encouraged them on sharing concerns and recommendations which will be further addressed to the respective tables and authorities properly.